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Ugadi Cards
Ugadi Card Ugadi Card Ugadi Card Ugadi Card

Ugadi is the New Year celebration of Andhra Pradesh. It is celebrated on Chaitra Suddha Padhyamiand. The Ugadi celebration coincides with the New Year celebration of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala.

Ugadi is a very important festival for the Hindus of the state as according to the Hindu scriptures it is the day when Lord Brahma created the universe. So, it is a very auspicious day for the Telugu people to start new ventures. The day of the celebration is decided by the Hindu lunar calendar. Normally, it falls between March or April. Ugadi declares the onset of spring in the region.

It is a common belief that the word Ugadi was derived from the word Yuga which means era or epoch and 'aadi' meaning 'the beginning'. The term Ugadi stands for the new beginning.

The celebration of Ugadi

Telugus, in general, are very religious people and all the rituals are strictly followed in Ugadi. However, the rituals followed during the event differ for the people living south of Vindhya hills from those living in the northern part of the same region. The sects living in the southern part of the hill call the event "Sauramana" or "Chandramana". They celebrate Ugadi during the full moon cycle of Chaitra.


The preparation for the day begins almost a week before the celebration. People clean their houses and make rangolis with colored powders or finely grounded rice powder. It is said to usher good luck for the family. Buntings of mango leaves and flowers are hung at the doors. People buy new clothes and utensils for the household as these are said to ensure year-long prosperity.

The celebration begins with the ritualistic early morning ‘oil bath’ with sesame oil. A thorough oil bath is an important part of Ugadi celebration. After the bath, people wear new clothes and a Panchanga Puja is performed. A copy of the Panchanga is placed on a stool and worshipped with turmeric, sandalwood paste and kumkum.

Deities are worshipped and people seek blessings for a healthy and prosperous New Year. People then gather at nearby temples or before their television sets to listen to the ‘Panchangasravanam’ or the yearly predictions. Youngsters seek the blessings from elders.

The special preparation named “Ugadi Pachadi" is consumed after this. The items used in the dish is said to represent the different emotions of one’s life such as -

  • Neem buds signifies sadness.
  • Jaggery and ripe banana represent happiness.
  • Green chilly denotes anger.
  • Salt represents fear.
  • Tamarind stands for disgust.
  • Unripe Mango denotes surprise.


Ugadi teaches one to welcome all the phases of life with open arms and deal with them in a positive way.

The celebration is marked by jubilation and merriment. Traditional dishes like Bobbatlu" and "Pulihora are prepared and savored. It is also a good day to meet and great people and wish for each other’s well being.

An important feature of the celebration is “Kavi Sammelanam” or poetry meets that take place in different parts of the state. These meets serve as platforms for budding poets to showcase their talents.

Ugadi Messages

Pray this Ugadi bring you joy, health, wealth and good luck through out the year!

May you and you family have a bright and prosperous Ugadi!
Hope the lights of Ugadi bring glow and warmth to your life! Wishing you a very happy New Year!

This Ugadi, may your enemies become friends, the darkness of negativity fade away from your life and you discover a new person within you. Happy New Year!

Ugadi Songs

yuga yugAdi kaLedarU yugAdi maraLi barutide
hosa varushake hosa harushava hosatu hosatu tarutide

honge hUva tongalalli bhrungada sangIta kEli matte kELabarutide
bEvina kahi bALinalli hUvina nasugampu sUsi jIvakaLeya tarutide

varushakondu hosatu janma harushakondu hosatu neleyu akhila jIvajAtake
onde ondu janmadali onde bAlya onde haraya namagadashTE EtakO

niddegomme nitya maraNa edda sala navIna janana namage Eke bAradOelE sanatkumAradEva elE sAhasi chiranjIva ninage lIle

yuga yugAdi kaLedarU yugAdi maraLi barutide
hosa varushake hosa harushava hosatu hosatu tarutide nammanashTe maretide.

Ugadi vela chilipiga kokilamma vese eelate
Karigina panjaralalona palikina panchadara veena

Kondalu taki chali konalu soki
Allari chese nemalendalalona
Ye vanavillu rege nalo
Pavada katti toli prayamu nade
Vakili teese priya vanchalu nede
Uyyalaluge uhalenno
Jalakamulade chilakamma
Puli yeduraite parugamma
Vetadagi pata medi verri bhamalu

Neeti nere selayekiti yerai
Cheeraga mari chilikintalalona
Cheammakaina chengu jare
Nelati reve cherasalaga mari
Chakkiliginte tagilinchina vela
Ye kondagalo kongulage
Puli yevarantaa chali komma
Gilipedutundi yedalona
Sheeghrameva vyaghramoste dikku ledule

Ugadi Dates
Date Day Year
11th April Thursday 2013
31st March Monday 2014
21st March Saturday 2015
7th April Thursday 2016
28th March Tuesday 2017
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