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Hindu Calendar 2014

Hindu New Year Cards
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Following the Lunar calendar, Hinduism has a different date and time for the beginning of the New Year as compared to the other religions. It is the month of Kartik, usually falling in October-November which marks the New Year for Hindus, which is welcomed with the grand and elaborate Diwali celebrations. The colloquial name for the New Year is Nav Samvat which is observed majorly in the North of India and the state of Gujarat.

As per the legends and myths King Vikramaditya’s victory over the Sakas in 56 BC was the initiation of the celebrations of the Hindu New Year. While the history dates back to a far removed past, the zeal and energy with which the New Year is celebrated has not got lost with time. The New Year celebrations are carried out by Hindus as the most significant event of their lives.

Lighting of lamps; decoration of houses; a much planned cleaning, renovation and painting of houses and offices; purchase of new clothes, electrical appliances and the preparation of lavish, mouthwatering traditional delicacies are the activities which infuse the atmosphere with enthusiasm. The optimism and wish for a bright and joyous New Year is taken forward with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to bless everyone with wealth, prosperity and wisdom.

Exchange of gifts, sweets and socializing is a common practice during this time. While people glow with laughter, smiles and happiness; the cities and villages enliven with magnificent rangolis, flower decorations and fireworks. It is the most auspicious time for the tradesmen who close their last year’s accounting books and buy new ones which are worshipped with prayers made to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber before making first entries in them.


Hindu calendar for November 2014

Kerala Piravi Saturday 1st November, 2014
Day of Ashura Monday 3rd November, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Tuesday 4th November, 2014
Mandala Kaalam Aarambam Monday 17th November, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 20th November, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Tuesday 25th November, 2014

Hindu calendar for December 2014

Pradosha Vrutha Thursday 4th December, 2014
Karthika Deepam Friday 5th December, 2014
Pradosha Vrutha Friday 19th December, 2014
Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi Thursday 25th December, 2014

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